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The highly anticipated EP “X-Files” has finally dropped. When listening to the songs the first words that come to mind are; provocative, dark and mysterious. The intense baseline and silky melodies pull you into a thought provoking 20 minutes of magic and wonder. It is as if Bobby Mill (Producer) tailor made executively produced the beats with an idea of the audio journey to take the listener in. This combined with the excellent flows and tongue and cheek lyrics from rapper 7RIX, the EP is an explosion of flavours that hands a fresh twist to UK Rap. 

Upon closer inspection, the production style is so unique but yet fits seamlessly into a mainstream rap playlist.  With an edgy bass synth chugging the tracks along a roller coaster of bass and drum drops. The subtle growing sounds that help make up the texture of these beats are particularly interesting. The bass is what makes the tracks stand out in its own lane in the current Rap ecosystem.

Bobby Mill is a producer extraordinaire who effortlessly glides across genres from Pop, R&B, new funk wave, Rap and everything in between. His understating of music as both a science and an art is outstanding and with each release we get to see how far and wide his imagination can take him. With this new executively produced EP ‘X-Files’ we get to witness from the trap heavy dark to the soft side of Bobby sprinkled with lighter melodies making this masterpiece called ‘X-Files’.

It is fair to assume that 7RIX is having some lady problems but with a closer listen you can hear it is more than just your simple case of mixed messages. Rather it is a whole whirlwind of an uncomfortable relationship dynamic between a pair and throughout the EP we get to hear different sides of the story. If taking his word as gospel, we hear He is putting a lot of effort to start a romance with a woman who is very hot and cold and seems to struggle to read his social cues.

What we learn from this EP is don’t be fast to put 7RIX in a box! The complete change of sound here is a polar opposite to other songs he has posted snippets of. Bobby Mill has his work cut out for him, we are so delighted to present you the entire project. When asked to sum up the project in a sentence Bobby Mill said: “Ah man, it’s crazy”. 

‘X-Files’ is Out Now and available to download and stream on all plaftorms! Click on the link below:



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